Scrap My Car

Here at Scrap My Car, we can help you find the best online price for your scrap vehicle. If your scrapping a car that is accident damagaed or an MOT failure, or you’re simply looking to upgrade , we give the very best price, guaranteed. We operate a national network of scrap and salvage buyers who will provide you with the most competitive prices for scrap and salvage, wherever you are in the country.

The Vehicle Makes and Models we scrap.

The range of vehicles can be scrapped is endless, from Vauxhall, Toyota and Citroen, through to Volvo, Ford, and Audi. The make and model of a vehicle will reflect what its scrap value is. Scrap Vehicle Collectors will offer a higher price for specific vehicles if they can recycle them.

We offer the highest prices, aswell as offering a hassle free collection service. If your car is accident damaged or has failed its MOT, it could be eligible for salvage pricing. If you need more information about how scrap cars are valued, please get an instant online quote by visiting our scrap car quotation page.

Vehicles we scrap.

looking to find individual make and model scrap car prices. Simply navigate to your make of vehicle On the below pages, you’ll find everything you need to know about scrapping a car, we offer information on individual models as well as reasons for scrapping, factors that can affect the value of your car, a scrap value comparison of different models.

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