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Scrap Car Prices: A Guide To UK Scrap Car Values

We all want to know the answer to the question we all have "how much is my scrap car worth"?, this is one of the biggest questions most people have when considering whether to scrap their car or van or indeed repair it. I expect by now you have already done some research on the internet and found that prices being offered by different recycling centres can vary dramatically, and even getting a quote for your car can sometimes be difficult.

We have put together a quick guide to help you find out the best way to come up with a price and what you can expect.

  • Getting best price for your scrap car
  • The factors that influence the price of your scrap car
  • Can you accept cash for your scrap car?
  • Average scrap prices for the UK's most popular cars
  • What sort of price can Scrap My Car offer you?

Getting the best price for your scrap car?

  • Look for the dealers closest to you first

It is really all about finding the right dealer local to you, the further the dealer has to come to collect your car can adversely affect the price given, after all they have to cover their costs to travel to pick up the car, to get the best price look for dealers close to you, here at scrap my car we do all that for you, finding the dealer you can either drop your car of locally so they don't incur costs of travel, all of our local dealers will even offer you free collection .

  • It's all a matter of timing

Time of the month can also affect pricing as most cars are normally scrapped just before or after an mot which normally occurs at the end of every month, which means most dealers are busy at these times so in fact offer less as they cannot cope with the influx at this time. So if you can afford to wait until the middle of the month is always better as the dealers are less busy and looking for work.

  • Don't take your parts of your car

Once you start to remove parts from your scrap car this will dramatically reduce the price you will receive, in fact some dealers will even refuse to pick it up especially if you have removed the wheels, the dealer works on the assumption that the car is complete because he can only recycle certain parts to sell namely the catalytic convertor, battery. engine, gearbox, radiator lights and bumpers, the actual shell of the car is normally crushed and only has a value as scrap metal. If you remove any of the components listed be prepared to receive a lot less for you scrap vehicle.

  • Beware of scrap car dealers tricks

Every car has a value don't be misguided by a dealer telling you it's not worth anything and is going to do you a favour by taking it away, all end of life vehicles are worth something even if they are non runners just for there scrap metal value.

Some dealers will even try to give you less if you don't have the registration document, they do not need this , you must make sure you inform the dvla that you have scrapped your car though or you may be liable to a fine.

As we no longer have tax discs you will normally get a refund for your road tax from the dvla for your tax dont be led to believe anything else.

We at scrap my car only work with trusted professionals with a proven track record and offer a standard of service so you need not worry.

  • You must agree a guaranteed price with your dealer

Make sure before the scrap car dealer takes away your vehicle you have agreed on the price and have written evidence of it, some dealers will offer you a price over the phone then when they turn up try to haggle the price which is all a little intimidating, don't play the game insist they either pay what they offered or you will get another dealer to pick up the vehicle.

What other factors influence the prices when scrapping a car?

The burning question "how much cash will I get for scrapping my car?" there is no quick or short answer to this as we have already mentioned. Being honest it all depends on two things.

The size and weight of your car

The bigger the car the heavier it is, meaning the more metal to be recycled, which will give you a better price for your scrap car, its not really that difficult to work out.

A scrap Range Rover weighing twice as much as a Ford Fiesta will be worth a lot more.

  • Make Model and Age

Depending on the Make and Model of car and its age will also affect the price of your scrap vehicle as it did when it was bought new. A 2010 Fiesta will be worth more than a 1999 one, basically the more expensive the car was to buy the more money it will be worth when scrapping.

  • Has it had parts removed

Not going into much detail make sure you car is complete and do not remove any parts as some of these parts can be of more value than you think.

  • The scrap metal market

The scrap metal market is very fast moving, prices depend on supply and demand as with every other business, there are economic factors that can also affect the market but this is something that you should not worry about.

Can you accept cash for your car?

Never trust a dealer who attempts to pay you in cash for your scrap vehicle, Cash for scrap cars was made illegal by the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, most dealers can either make a bacs payment to your bank account, when they are at your house or even transfer the money by way of doing a refund on your debit card, the reason you cannot receive actual cash is to make it harder for criminals to dispose of scrap metal.

Average scrap prices for the UK's most popular cars

Make & Model Weight Price
Renault Clio 1.432 tonnes £174
Volkswagen Polo 1.416 tonnes £172
Land Rover Range Rover 1.854 tonnes £297
BMW 5 Series 1.29 tonnes £157
Audi A4 1.425 tonnes £143
Toyota Hilux 1.635 tonnes £180
Ford Focus 0.922 tonnes £148
BMW 7 Series 1.585 tonnes £192
BMW 7 Series 1.585 tonnes £192
Audi A2£269
Audi A4£288
Audi A8£268
BMW 5 Series£282
BMW 7 Series£246
Citroen C3£230
Citroen Xsara Picasso£209
Fiat Punto£246
Ford Fiesta£232
Ford Focus£255
Ford KA£211
Ford Mondeo£238
Ford Puma£254
Ford Ranger£248
Ford Transit£273
Honda Civic£222
Honda Jazz£201
Land Rover Range Rover£258
Mercedes Benz£297
Nissan Micra£215
Peugeot 106£283
Peugeot 206£281
Peugeot 307£226
Renault Clio£226
Renault Laguna£284
Renault Megane£259
Renault Scenic£280
Toyota Hilux£248
Vauxhall Astra£281
Vauxhall Corsa£227
Vauxhall Vectra£264
Vauxhall Zafira£201
Volkswagen Polo£251
Volvo v70£243

What sort of price can Scrap My Car offer you?

So are you ready to sell your scrap car, we will make it as easy as possible, with our scrap car quote system, all you need to do is enter your car registration and your postcode, we then check what our scrap car dealers at our authorised treatment facilities are prepared to pay, it's that simple to scrap your car with us.

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