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What types of cars do we take here at

At, we accept a wide variety of vehicles for scrap. Whether your car is a non-runner, un-roadworthy, has failed its MOT, been written off by an insurance company, or suffered damage beyond repair, we can provide you with a fast and reliable service to help you dispose of your vehicle responsibly.

One type of vehicle we commonly scrap are non-runners. These are vehicles that cannot be driven due to mechanical or electrical faults, making them impractical to repair. At, we understand that non-runners can be a hassle to store and maintain, so we offer a quick and easy solution to help you dispose of them efficiently.

Another type of car we frequently scrap are un-roadworthy vehicles. These are cars that are no longer safe or legal to drive due to various faults, such as worn brakes or tires, faulty lights, or other safety issues. offers a safe and legal way to dispose of these vehicles, preventing them from posing a hazard to the public or the environment.

We also accept MOT failures for scrap. If your car has failed its MOT and the cost of repairs is not worth it, we can provide you with a hassle-free way to dispose of your vehicle and recoup some of its value.

At, we also accept damaged cars for scrap. This includes cars that have been involved in accidents, suffered extensive water damage, or have rusted beyond repair. Our team can help you navigate the process of scrapping a damaged vehicle, ensuring that it is disposed of responsibly and in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Finally, we accept insurance write-offs for scrap. If your vehicle has been deemed a total loss by your insurance company, our friendly staff can help you dispose of it in a way that is safe, legal, and environmentally friendly.

No matter what type of vehicle you need to scrap, can help you dispose of it quickly and easily. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you dispose of your vehicle responsibly.

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