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Here at we only use licensed professionals and will ensure if your scrap vehicle is processed through one of our professionals you will be comforted to know you have helped the environment .

Best Prices for your Scrap Car.

To obtain the best price for your scrap vehicle you must ensure all the components remain on the vehicle , some recyclers will refuse to collect your vehicle if you have removed components from your vehicle , especially if you have removed the wheels as this makes it very difficult for them to collect the scrap vehicle from your home or place of work. Normally if your scrap vehicle does not run or you do not have the keys then this will not be a problem for the elv and most offer a free collection of your scrap vehicle with little fuss. You must have some valid ID a driver's license passport or utility bill to prove who you are and the elv will keep a copy of this for their records , by law they have to keep details of where they purchased the scrp vehicle and who they purchased it from.

Scrap My Car Near Me

There are several different ways you can scrap your car nearby, you can either go to your local scrap metal merchant or you can have your car recycled by an end of life vehicle centre.

Scrap Metal Merchant.

The scrap metal merchant will simply crush your scrap car and all its components into what they call a cube , this cube is simply then sent to a shredder where it will then be processed for the scrap metal it contains and is probably the most non environmentally friendly way of scrapping your car or van.

End Of Life Vehicle Centre.

You could contact a professional registered end of life vehicle centre who will dispose of your scrap car the most environmentally friendly way according to european regulations of scrap metal disposal. This process follows strict guidelines to make sure your scrap vehicle is disposed of correctly, first they will depollute your scrap vehicle by removing all the toxic fluids it contains namely the engine and gearbox oils, the brake fluid and fuel petrol or diesel, these fluids are then sent to a recycling centre where they will then be used again. once the depollution of your scrap car has been done it will then be stripped first the battery will be removed along with any wiring where this will also be sent to a recycling centre to remove any lead or copper within these scrap car components. Next the plastics will be removed from the scrap vehicle and sent to a plastic recycling centre where they will be reused once again, scrap engine and gearboxes from your scrap car will normally be removed and melted down , the steel is separated from the aluminium in this process and then also reused, finally any scrap metal remaining which is normally the drive axles front and rear and the body shells will be separated and categorised into light scrap metal namely the body shell and doors, and heavy metal the axle beams or chassis, the process of scrapping a vehicle in this way is extremely environmentally friendly and we would urge anyone wanting to scrap their vehicle to use a licensed end of life vehicle centre to ensure this , these end of life vehicle centres are authorised treatment specialists and recyclers, they usually remove the vehicle starter motor and alternator and will then send these for reuse ensuring every component of your scrap vehicle is fully recycled.

Dvla Destruction Notice

When scrapping your vehicle, you have a legal requirement to inform the dvla driver vehicle licensing agency you have done so , failure to inform the dvla of scrapping or disposing of your vehicle could lead to a heavy fine. You can inform the dvla simply by filling in the yellow slip of your v5 document that you have scrapped your vehicle by simply sending this form to the dvla filled in correctly with the name of your recycler , if you do not have a v5 registration document for your vehicle then you must use a certified end of life vehicle centre who will issue a notice of destruction, they can only obtain this by registering your vehicle with the dvla as scrapped and only registered elv's can issue the certificate

Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013

As the law changed in the UK recently under the scrap metal merchant act , end of life vehicle centres are no longer allowed to pay you cash in hand for your car and will simply either issue you a cheque or pay you by electronic means direct into your nominated account.

Where can i scrap my car

Scrap my car have locations nationwide in the Uk and operate in all the major towns and cities with over 2000 registered end of life vehicle centres registered with us direct , we collect over 10, 000 scrap or unwanted vehicles every month and offer a very competitive price for your scrap vehicle , we ensure the correct paperwork is issued to make sure you meet your legal obligations with the dvla and ensure your scrap vehicle is recycled correctly within the law and in a environmentally friendly way. You may get offered a better price for your scrap car but we can assure you won't be offered a better service, we are experienced professionals who have worked in the industry for many years, trusted professionals that offer the best scrap vehicle prices with free collection and unmatched service that's scrap my car .net.