Scrap My Car

Scrapping My Car In Telford

When looking to scrap my car i owned for nearly 10 years it was with a sad heart i realised i finally had to say goodbye to a good friend. Its never easy when you have owned a car for so long that has been so reliable getting me to work in Telford shropshire everyday in all weathers.

I wanted to make sure that whatever happend to my trusty scrap car that it went to some use rather than being crushed up into a ball of metal, So i investigated online and came across, i simply entered my registration number and postcode and was instantly given a price online, i also looked at other online companies but none had such good reviews or had an instant quote facility, many did not even reply.

As soon as i had my scrap car price from they were on the phone in minutes, they assured me the scrap car would be recycled properly and any salvage parts would be reused which i felt happy about, that same day the collection agent arrived loaded my scrap car on to the transporter then paid the money instantly into my bank account, i gave him the v5 slip and waved farewell to my car, so easy…..